Transition: Finding Your Way

Transition can be a chaotic process. There are so many things happening in parallel. There's the social transition part, which involves coming out to friends and family, potentially changing your appearance in some ways, often using a different name, and using different pronouns. This involves navigating different relationships, and how much you disclose to people around you. And, if you are partnered, talking about this process with your partner(s).

Then, there is navigating the health care system if you have decided on medical transition. There's the need to find the right endocrinologist, and also potentially having to change your primary care provider if they end up being transphobic. There's surgery consults, if you've decided to go that route.

Then, if you are legally changing your name, there is all of the administrative processes to go through that process, as well as voting registrations, drivers license, changes to bank accounts and credit cards...

And, while all of that is happening, there's the emotional roller coaster that is transition. Lots of feelings will be coming up of all sorts - euphoria and sadness, fear, and anger. That is all part of the process! It's a lot to navigate.

Remembering to foster self-compassion and cultivate self-love can make a huge difference. Befriending your feelings, allowing them to just be, feeling them in your body can help you move through them. And finding community can also make a big difference.