I always felt comfortable in my counseling sessions with Max, comfortable enough that I could allow my unsettling feelings of fear, grief, and yearning to be expressed.  I felt that he “got” me on a deep level.  In addition he had a wealth of strategies to recommend - from communication skills to mindfulness techniques.  But I never felt he was trying to fix me, rather he accompanied me on my journey of self exploration and growth - he believed in me.  Thank you, Max. -- Former client, therapist practicing in the East Bay

Max is deep, wise, gentle and a powerful, smart coach. He has walked the walk of self-love and transformation, and is passionate about sharing it. He is incisive, able to cut to the chase, and helps his clients not only gain new understandings, but develop new skills. If you are looking for a coach who can guide you both around conscious relationships (including relationships to self and others) and gender issues, including transitioning, he is definitely the one for you! -- Ruth Schwartz, Ph.D., Director, Conscious Girlfriend

I had the privilege to work with Max as my relationship coach. I found him to be compassionate, thoughtful and kind. I particularly appreciated the mutual respect we developed while working together. This helped me to feel safe to examine my part in my relationship process and to appreciate the struggles we all endure in the arena of vulnerability. Working with Max left me with a deeper life long gift, self compassion and self love. -- M.B.

Max, I cannot thank you enough for being an instrumental part of my healing journey. Working with you moved me forward in places where I felt really stuck and so wounded. I never thought that I would have progressed to a better place of wholeness. I appreciated the way in which you could relate to and understand my heart and the pains I had, but you also had a map and a firm and guiding hand to lead me to a place of personal and relational wellness that you knew I could attain, even as I was unsure.  My life is ever blessed because of your shared wisdom and care through some of the toughest emotional times of my life. And because of the work we have done together, I have been in a loving relationship for a year and a half now.” -- T. Elliott, Washington DC

I met Max Pearl, PhD in 2015 when Max was then identifying as a lesbian (Michelle Murrain) before transitioning as a transgender man years later in (2017). At the time, I had done tons of personal growth work on myself, but was wanting to have more conscious dating experiences. I joined Conscious Girlfriend, the group that he (she, then) co-founded with nine year lesbian relationship partner, Ruth Schwartz, PhD. They wrote the book, "Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love: A Roadmap to Finding the Right Partner and Creating the Relationship of your Dreams", which dove-tailed their "12 Week Roadmap Class" to help lesbians love and date better. The work was and still is, groundbreaking and much of the information can be adapted to all kinds of relationships. Max's background as a practicing Buddhist with a PhD in neuroscience brought an impressive array of insights and experiences to my group experiences, as well as my personal one-on-one sessions. He always seemed to ask the right questions to get me to the hidden answers, of which I was unconsciously blind.

What I liked most about working with Max was his profound compassion (most likely cultivated by years of Buddhist practice) that permeated throughout all of his neuroscience and relationship wisdom. It is a testament to his own compassionate, personal work and that of his ex-partner, Ruth, that has allowed them to remain supportive friends to this day.

Anyone wanting a wayshower in becoming more conscious about one's true identity and/or in navigating the world of creating a conscious relationship with a partner, will be in good hands with Max by their side. -- Nancy N. in CA