Elements of Embodiment: Part 1

I'm starting a multi-part series on embodiment. You can read here a little basic information about what I think conscious embodiment means. I want to dive into what the journey of embodiment can look like for trans and gender-expansive folks, and how you might embark on your own.

Of course, every trans and gender-expansive person has their own story and process about their bodies. Although many of us experience dysphoria and a sense of wishing our bodies were different, that is not everyone's experience. If you are someone who feels at ease and peace with how your body is at this moment, that is a cause for celebration.

Many of us, however, have the experience of dissatisfaction, or often even hatred, for our bodies. We have spent years wanting a different body. And further, sexuality has often, for many of us, felt vulnerable and challenging. Sometimes we've felt completely cut off from our sexuality, or felt unsatisfied because of dysphoria. We haven't been able to really inhabit a place of freedom with our sexuality.

And the path from that place, to a place of ease and joy in our bodies and in erotic expression feels almost impossible to imagine. I'm going to spend the next few blog posts outlining concepts, tools and processes that might help you get there. It does require of you a willingness to be gentle with yourself, go slowly, and have curiosity about yourself and this process. Releasing yourself from self-judgement is one of the most important steps in the process.

An outline of this series (links will appear when the articles are published):