Changes in Libido

After I decided to transition, but before I started Testosterone, I noticed changes in my libido. And then, about a month after I started Testosterone, my libido reached heights I never would have imagined. I was aroused, basically all of the time. It was actually annoying, as well as quite exciting.

Of course, Testosterone as a hormone has known effects on libido - and an increase is really commonly reported in trans men. But changes in sexual desire are known to happen for both trans men, who take Testosterone, and trans women, who take Estrogen. Sometimes, Estrogen is known to decrease libido.

These changes, in either direction, don't just happen because of hormone replacement. They also happen because in general, trans people undergoing social and/or medical transition feel better in our bodies. We feel more aligned with who we are, and more embodied. And that embodiment is likely to change libido and sexual desire. Of course, we still often might feel dysphoria, which can change our libido as well.

If you are encountering changes in libido and sexual desire, spend some time noticing how it is for you. Notice the contours, timing, intensity. Experiment with it. If you have a partner or partners, have them reflect back to you what their experience has been. The more information you have about your body, and how it's responding to the transition process, the better.

Notice any judgements you might have about these changes. See if you can find some of the deeper messages you've either been telling yourself, or have been told by others over time. Notice if those messages are still operating. There is so much richness of experience available -- allow yourself the fullness of it.