Black Trans Lives Matter

~Photo\ above:\ Mack\ Johnson,\ Sydney\ Baloue,\ Christian\ A'Xavier\ Lovehall,\ and\ Sunny\ Marks\ at\ the\ Philly\ Trans\ March\ in\ Philadelphia,\ PA\ on\ October\ 7,\ 2017.\ Photo\ by\ Sydney\ Baloue.\ (From\ 48Hills)~

This blog, this site, and my work is on purpose not about fighting for justice, equity and inclusion for trans and gender-expansive people. This doesn't at all mean the fight for justice isn't important - it is crucially, vitally important. But there are many organizations that do that critical work - that's just not the focus of my own work. The focus of my work is to help provide tools and resources to allow people to live their best lives - lives with joy and fulfillment, even in the face of injustice.

That said, I can't quite go on as normal right now, without saying something about how Black and Brown trans people face more violence, more police violence, and more discrimination than other trans people. And Black trans women in particular are most targeted. We live precarious lives, subject to so much danger, discrimination and transphobia.

In the next few weeks and months, I'm dedicated to providing space to allow Black & POC trans and gender-expansive people to be ourselves, in all of our complex emotions, and support each other in this time. Keep track of the Workshops page for more information as it emerges (there are a couple already scheduled), and/or join the mailing list.